Britain's Next Top Model Live, 44 Photos

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She was made up Snappy snap Sophie Making up is hard to do Backstage chaos Jessica the beauty Nothing to wobble! Shakey Reena has a shake Power plating Britain's REAL Next Top Models Main catwalk Main catwalk Top models! This was quite nice... Main catwalk Main catwalk Main catwalk High Street vs Vintage Main catwalk Jenny Natasha and I Matthew and Alize Jessica and Greta Nikita, Jessica, Greta and Paige Nikita, Jessica, Greta and Paige Reena, Jenny and Natasha It got a bit tense at some points! 50s hair Backstage fun Natasha and Nikita Me and Jessica This is why she's a model... Me and Reena Motorola models! Reena and Natasha Stylish stylists Finger in the ringlet That's my girl! My outfit The gang's all here! Reebok photobooth Hair My vintage geek chic look